London Gatwick

Flights can be booked at and the schedule is as below.

Check-In to central London in under 2 ½ hours

With up to 3 flights daily to London Gatwick, Newquay Cornwall Airport can help take the hassle out of getting in to the nation’s capital for either a business or leisure trip.

If you are travelling with luggage you will need to arrive at check-in a minimum of 30 minutes before departure. The flight duration is approximately 60 minutes, thus time is on your side. Once at London Gatwick there is the convenience of the Gatwick shuttle which runs every 15 minutes which takes you to London Victoria Station in 30 minutes.

Catch the first flight of the day at 07:45am and get to london ready for your morning meeting or the start of a days shopping with with last flight leaving London at 21:20.

Book today.

Current schedule:

Departing Newquay to London Gatwick

Monday to Friday Departs: 07.30,11.05 & 18.25

Saturday Departs: 07.25 & 11.05

Sunday Departs: 07.25, 11.00, 18.25

Departing London Gatwick to Newquay

Monday to Friday Departs:  09.25, 12.50 & 20.05

Saturday Departs: 09.25 & 12.55

Sunday Departs: 09.25, 12.50, 20.05

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