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Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are a set of five inhabited islands with smaller uninhabited ones on the outskirts; all can be visited by daily boat trips.  Fly from Newquay Cornwall Airport to the beautiful Isles of Scilly every day, all year round with Skybus

Whether it’s a first, or one of many visits to these unique islands, as a source of rest and relaxation the islands are hard to beat.  Travel 28 miles South West of Cornwall and you come across this idyllic group of sub-tropical islands.  The unspoilt natural habitat has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) for over 30 years.

Fly with Skybus “the islands own airline” for a birds eye view of the Cornish coast. Flights are available all year round from Newquay.   

Current scheudule

Departing Newquay

Flight time approximately 30 minutes

Monday = 4 departures

Tuesday = 4 departures

Wednesday = 4 departures

Thursday = 4 departures

Friday = 4 departures

Saturday = 4 departures

Sunday = no flights

As the Skybus schedule varies depending on demand, the number of departing flights shown above represents a guide only. For details on a specific date, please check with the Isles of Scilly Travel Centre.

Isles of Scilly Travel offer group discounts on both stopper and day trip visits.  For more details on group bookings please email or by calling the Isles of Scilly Travel Centre on 0845 710 5555. 

Important update regarding Land's End Airport issued by Isles of Scilly Steamship Group

Land’s End Airport re-opening delayed
We regret to inform passengers that Land’s End Airport will remain closed while work continues on hardening two of the airport’s four grass runways.
The airport was scheduled to reopen on Monday (21st July) having closed to allow for the work to take place. Provided the work can be completed in time, the plan now is to reopen on Tuesday 29th July.
In the meantime all Skybus services scheduled to operate to/from Land’s End Airport will be routed through Newquay Cornwall Airport.
The project had been going to schedule but on Thursday (17th July)the construction team found that in some places the base layer for the new runways has not performed as required and appears not to have hardened sufficiently. This will cause a delay while these areas are investigated and fixed. These issues have come to light before the final surface layer of runway tarmac was due to be applied.
Steve Turner from Lagan Construction, which is carrying out the work, said: “The construction team are disappointed that due to unforeseen circumstances additional time will be required for completion. The construction team has not encountered this problem before whilst applying the specified technique of stabilising soil on site by mixing it with cement to create a base layer on which bituminous products can be placed.  We are working closely with the airport’s design advisors to determine the cause of the problem and as such soil samples have been sent for analysis in addition to other tests that will assist in finding a solution as quickly as possible.”
Rob Goldsmith, chief executive of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, which owns Land’s End Airport, said: “We are extremely disappointed about the delay and would like to apologise for the inconvenience this will cause Skybus passengers.
“Although it is disappointing to have to make this decision at such a late stage we had no option but to extend the closure period. We will be operating a full Skybus schedule via Newquay instead and are doing everything in our power to minimise disruption for passengers, all of whom are being contacted.”
The Land’s End runway works are part of a project that also includes upgrades to the Isles of Scilly Airport on St Mary’s. The project is designed to strengthen lifeline air links to the islands, especially during poor winter weather.
Passengers due to fly during the closure period are advised to visit