Newquay Cornwall Airport (NQY)

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Security & Safety

Security & Safety

Passengers are advised to allow good time to check-in for their flight and not to leave it to the last minute as check-in congestion may prohibit acceptance on to the flight. 

The Lounge | Business Traveller | Newquay Cornwall Airport

The Lounge

Passengers can enjoy a range of services in The Lounge including the news channel, free WiFi, complimentary cold and hot drinks and snacks. Entry is now on promotion: 1/2 price at £7.50 per person. Book at the Information Desk in the main terminal. Promotion running for a limited time only.

£5 Airport Development Fee

All departing passengers from NQY over the age of 16 are required to pay a £5 Airport Development Fee (ADF).

Live Departure Flight Information

Last updated at 11:18
11:20 BirminghamBE1821Delayed to 11:25
11:25 Scilly IslesIOS235Check-In Desk 7
12:45 Scilly IslesIOS247On Time
13:35 Scilly IslesIOS255On Time
13:50 Scilly IslesIOS257On Time
14:15 Scilly IslesIOS261On Time
14:45 Scilly IslesIOS265On Time
14:45 ManchesterBE354On Time
15:30 Scilly IslesIOS271On Time
16:45 Scilly IslesIOS281On Time
17:05 Scilly IslesIOS515ROn Time
18:25 London GatwickBE805On Time
18:25 London GatwickBA6175On Time

Car Hire

Europcar and Hertz are based at NQY and they both offer a fully manned rental location, providing a comprehensive level of service.


If you require a taxi to and from the airport, Coastline Travel are based in the Arrivals Hall and are the airport's official on site provider.

Live Arrival Flight Information

Last update at 11:18
10:15 Scilly IslesIOS214Landed
10:40 London GatwickBE802Cancelled. Passengers by road to NQY. Estimated arrival time to be confirmed
10:40 London GatwickBA6172Cancelled. Passengers by road to NQY. Estimated arrival time to be confirmed
10:55 Scilly IslesIOS220Landed
12:15 Scilly IslesIOS234On Time
12:50 Scilly IslesIOS236On Time
13:05 Scilly IslesIOS238On Time
13:20 Scilly IslesIOS240On Time
13:45 Scilly IslesIOS244On Time
14:05 Scilly IslesIOS232On Time
14:05 BirminghamBE1822On Time
14:15 Scilly IslesIOS248On Time
15:00 Scilly IslesIOS256On Time
16:15 Scilly IslesIOS266On Time
16:50 ExeterIOS515ROn Time
16:55 Scilly IslesIOS272On Time
17:50 ManchesterBE355On Time
18:05 Scilly IslesIOS288On Time
18:15 Scilly IslesIOS282On Time
18:30 Scilly IslesIOS284On Time